About us

"California Dreaming? For our CEO it must have been something like that when he got inspired by the local cannabis market during his time in the Sunshine State. Just shortly after he set up his own CBD company. The dream quickly turned into reality, as of now, HERBLIZ is producing a variety of modern and natural feel-good products based on the fascinating hemp plant.

Thanks to their years of experience in the Californian cannabis market, our partners know exactly what is important in the complex production process. They now apply their valuable know-how in our factory day by day. Our CBD oil, therefore, is extracted directly in a complex and particularly gentle process as well as tested for its purity before putting it on the market for you.


Let yourself feel good the natural way - that's HERBLIZ! With our high-quality CBD oils and many exciting vegan CBD care and wellness products, we help you rediscover your inner balance - no matter how stressful the world outside might be sometimes. 

After all, what's the saying? Sleep, Relax, Focus, Care, Repeat - and enjoy your life!

Our Mission

More self-care in your everyday life - that is our mission! We at HERBLIZ love nature and want to inspire even more people for the natural wellness effects of the hemp plant. Using our innovative CBD products, you can create your own oasis of well-being in which you can immerse yourself at any time.

The HERBLIZ Vision

We at HERBLIZ want more: not only more exciting and promising product innovations but also more fairness, environmental awareness and transparency. Little wonder then, that holism is at the top of our list. Our vision? Products that are not only good for you as our customers, but also for nature!

Who we are

Behind every strong brand is an equally strong team: at HERBLIZ, 30 employees give far more than 100 percent every day to make HERBLIZ even better - and to revolutionise the CBD and beauty industry in the long term! We combine our individual strengths, take the freedom to let off steam creatively and prefer flat hierarchies in order to let the team spirit come to life day after day.

Come & visit us!

Сontact us by writing us via email: contact@herbliz.com or calling us: +49 (0)30 23323 8530. Take your time exploring our different CBD products and let our friendly teammates assist in finding what you are searching for. We are more than happy to welcome you soon! 

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Prefer dropper over spray?
We care for you! Due to the recent results of our customer satisfaction survey and the many advantages of the spray applicator we changed to CBD sprays. Nevertheless some of you asked us to get the dropper back. Just add it for free in the next step.