What you should know about CBD Edibles

 CBD Edibles - tasty and full of positive effects

Obviously, there is a wide variety of CBD products on the market - after all, CBD is currently very much in demand. However, the CBD products that are the subject of this article are not CBD oils, nor topical products such as creams or cosmetics, but so-called "edibles".

You may already be familiar with THC edibles - for example, you may have heard of brownies or cookies made with THC. Since these have a psychoactive effect, they are not legal in the UK nor most European countries.

CBD edibles, however, are a completely different story - yes, they are also made of foods that have been mixed with a cannabinoid (in this case CBD), still, they are considered legal as they don’t have an intoxicating effect.

What kind of CBD edibles are there?

Yet not all CBD edibles are created equal: There are mainly three different variants, especially concerning the type of cannabinoid spectrum contained in the particular product:

Full-spectrum: Full-spectrum CBD edibles contain a small amount of THC in addition to cannabidiol. However, the THC content of such an edible has to be strictly below the limit of 0.2 per cent.

Broad-spectrum: These CBD edibles contain a variety of other, non-psychoactive cannabinoids that occur in the hemp plant, but are free of THC.

Isolates: Last but not least, there are CBD edibles that exclusively contain pure, isolated CBD and are free from other cannabinoids.

CBD edibles - what are the benefits?

CBD edibles do offer some interesting advantages - one of which is the delicious taste of most products. After all, not all people are fans of the nutty-tart flavour of regular CBD oil. But the benefits of CBD edibles go further than that:

  • More relief: As the CBD in the edible is absorbed via the digestive tract and thus takes longer to enter the bloodstream, it also remains active for longer and can therefore offer an extended period of relief, as anecdotal information suggests.
  • Minimal side effects: According to the World Health Organisation, CBD is considered safe. If any, there are only minimal side effects associated with the consumption of CBD products, which affect only a few users and occur very rarely.
  • Entourage effect with other ingredients: Some components of the foods used to make CBD edibles can provide a so-called entourage effect when combined with the cannabinoid. Let's look at CBD chocolate, for example: Cocoa and CBD show synergistic effects that enhance their respective benefits. Also, cocoa is known to improve the cannabidiol’s bioavailability.
  • Easy dosage: While substances like CBD can be difficult to dose when vaping, for example, with edibles you know exactly how much cannabidiol you are consuming in your CBD chocolate, drink or gummies.

The different products

Nowadays, there is a variety of interesting CBD products on the market. Here you’ll find an overview of the most common as well the most exciting ones:


You love drinking tea? What about spicing up your tea routine with a good cup of CBD tea? CBD tea is made from the flowers of industrial hemp and often comes in different flavours, such as chamomile, ginger or matcha. The potency of CBD tea ranges between 1 to 10 per cent. You can also make your own CBD tea by adding some CBD oil to your favourite tea blend.

CBD Gummies

Perfect for those with a sweet tooth - CBD gummies! Some of the gummies are enriched with superfoods like spirulina or turmeric for some added health benefits, and there are also sugar-free varieties available. As with most cannabidiol edibles, CBD gummies are available in different potencies, often ranging from 10 milligrams to 50 milligrams.

CBD chocolate

As already mentioned, CBD and cocoa make a great mix, as they enhance each others’ effects, while the cocoa improves the bioavailability of the cannabidiol. The darker the chocolate, the stronger the entourage effect.

CBD coffee

If you are more of a coffee fan than a tea fan, there is already a suitable solution: CBD coffee! Some people report that CBD can balance the often too stimulating effect of caffeine in coffee in a pleasant way.

CBD drinks

CBD has not only found its way into tasty edibles but also into refreshing drinks. Whether you prefer CBD soft drinks, tonics or kombucha - the choice is yours!

CBD Honey Sticks

One of the most interesting CBD edibles on the market are Honey Sticks - treats made from honey and CBD. They often come with different flavours, such as apple, raspberry or lemon and usually offer 10 milligrams of CBD per stick.

At the moment, it also seems as if almost every day there is a new CBD edible being launched onto the market: Interesting new CBD edibles include coconut oil with CBD, CBD honey, CBD ketchup and CBD cake pops!

How long do they work?

How long an edible remains active in your system depends on the potency and the type of CBD (full-spectrum, broad-spectrum or isolate) contained in your edible. The higher the potency, the longer the cannabidiol will work.

Somewhere between myth & fact

There are many myths surrounding CBD - and especially edibles containing CBD. We have therefore decided to shed some light on the subject:

Do CBD edibles have THC?

Full-spectrum CBD edibles contain legal trace amounts of CBD. If you prefer a THC free option, choose broad-spectrum edibles or edibles with CBD isolates.

Do CBD edibles expire?

Yes, CBD edibles can expire. After all, these products are normal foodstuffs that have just been mixed with cannabidiol. Therefore, you should always pay attention to the best-before date. As for the CBD in edibles, it simply loses its potency if it is consumed after the date of usage.

Is it legal to sell CBD edibles in the UK & European Union?

Each country has its own rules when it comes to CBD or CBD edibles. Most countries in the EU, such as Germany, allow the general sale of CBD products (as long as they contain less than 0.2% THC), but edibles are excluded. In the UK though, the sale of CBD edibles is also allowed.

How much CBD should be in the edibles?

There are no exact guidelines, as everyone's body reacts differently to CBD. If you choose an edible that contains CBD isolates exclusively, some experts recommend going for an edible with an initial dose of 25 milligrams or less per day.

CBD edibles help with anxiety

Many studies as well as anecdotal evidence show that CBD can have a positive effect on people suffering from anxiety. However, more research on the topic is still needed.

CBD edibles can cause headache

CBD may show minimal side effects in some people, although headaches are not usually experienced.

Can I drive using CBD edibles?

Yes, you can drive after consuming CBD edibles - it is recommended to stick to broad-spectrum edibles or isolates, as enjoying too many full-spectrum treats may increase your THC levels.

Bottom line: CBD edibles are a fun and tasty way to enjoy the natural boost of cannabidiol. Whether you would love to try some of the CBD snacks mentioned here or prefer taking regular CBD oil drops - the choice is yours! If you are interested in trying CBD edibles yourself, you can also easily create your own CBD edibles for starters by adding some CBD oil to your cocoa, coffee and baked goods. Bon appétit!

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