Vitamin C is an immune and energy booster

Vitamin C

CBD & Hemp Dictionary | 23.06.2022

Vitamin C is essential for our physical well-being because it has numerous positive properties that benefit both our body and our psyche. Vitamin C is especially known for its strengthening effect on our immune system. But there are so many other positive properties that this energy vitamin has to offer.

Vitamin C explained

The water-soluble vitamin C is essential and vital for numerous bodily functions because vitamin C not only has a positive effect on our immune system, but also contributes to normal collagen formation for the function of our blood vessels, which ultimately results in strong bones, healthy gums, healthy teeth and healthy skin. In addition, vitamin C is one of the so-called antioxidants. This means that the vitamin can protect our cells from free radicals and thus from oxidative stress. This property is so important because serious diseases that can be the result of long-term oxidative stress can be warded off in this way - at least to a certain extent. Another essential property of the vitamin: it reduces our fatigue and thus acts as a real energy booster! Vitamin C also has a positive effect on iron absorption. 

Vitamin C is considered safe because, due to its water solubility, it is simply excreted in the urine if the intake exceeds the requirement. Once the vitamin C requirement is saturated, no more can be absorbed, so in this case it is no longer of any use.

CBD & Vitamin C

Nowadays, the independent use of certain active ingredients is increasingly used to strengthen physical well-being and promote a healthy lifestyle. A healthy and balanced diet is often lost in the stress of everyday life. Vitamin C is particularly popular among vitamins and food supplements. CBD, which is declared as a cosmetic product, has also been experiencing a huge hype for years. By the way, vitamins and CBD can also be used together excellently. Current studies and observations show that CBD and vitamins do not interact with each other - quite the contrary - because CBD is said to even improve the positive effects of some vitamins (including vitamin C). In one respect, CBD and vitamin C complement each other perfectly, because both substances are considered antioxidants. Oxidative cell stress is thus doubly counteracted with these two substances.

History of Vitamin C

Vitamin C has a long and exciting history behind it. It began about 250 years ago with the English navigator James Cook and the disease scurvy. When Cook set off on his first circumnavigation of the world, more and more crew members fell ill with scurvy - the most common cause of death at sea in the 18th century. Those affected suffered from muscle atrophy, rotting gums, joint inflammation and severely weakened connective tissue, among other things, during the months-long voyages. Some of them died of heart muscle weakness. The reason for these numerous symptoms at the time was a severe vitamin C deficiency, but nobody knew that at the time. It was not until the end of the 18th century that it was discovered which food could prevent the disease: Lemon juice. After all, lemons are THE vitamin C supplier par excellence. Since this discovery, citrus fruits were compulsory on board. Nevertheless, it took another 100 years until the decisive active ingredient in vitamin research was recognised.

Good to know about Vitamin C

The general supply situation of the European population is classified as relatively good, since vitamin C is often used as an additive. A deficiency is mainly caused by an unbalanced diet with little fruit and vegetables, the consumption of alcohol, chronic diseases and constant cold. A vitamin C deficiency can be recognised by typical symptoms such as fatigue, muscle weakness, iron deficiency, poor wound healing and an increased susceptibility to infections. If any of these symptoms apply to you, it may make sense to seek medical advice. As a rule, these symptoms can be remedied with a balanced diet or dietary supplements.