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CBD & hemp knowledge & lifestyle | 02.07.2020

How to find the right dosage of CBD oil

If you go to the pharmacy and ask for medicine, you will always get a detailed advisory. After all, the coughing syrup has been specially developed for one symptom - to stop your coughing. How to use and dose it is perfectly described in the package insert. 

How to find your personal dosage of CBD

CBD oil, on the other hand, is not a medication. It is a naturally occurring plant product that can be applied as a cosmetic product. Therefore the amount you have to take can't just be standardized. CBD is said to have a lot of potential benefits. But most people apply it for relaxation and to bring more balance into their lives.

The amount of CBD oil is as individual as the reasons for its application. By experimenting and observing your body closely we are sure you will find the right amount for yourself. Just like: 'The proof of the pudding is in the eating. 

Let us explain how CBD can affect you, how to find your perfect dosage of CBD and what you should be aware of. Let us help to find your individual amount - step by step.

First hint!

We generally recommend starting with a small amount of CBD oil and increasing it slowly. Watching your own body closely is the safest way to find the ideal amount. Keeping a diary can be very helpful.

Which factors can help to find your dose? 

There are some general factors that have a significant impact on how CBD can affect your body.

  • Your body weight: Usually people who weigh more have to apply more.
  • Your level of activity: A healthy level of activate will of course support your well-being
  • Reason of application: Your expectations playing a major role in the perception of the potential effects.
  • Your metabolism: Is it rather fast or slow?
  • Intake of medication: Please consult your doctor. CBD can interfere with some medications.

Think about your reasons for applying to find your CBD dosage

There is a wide variety of individual circumstances, factors and reasons you need to pay attention to on your way to find the right amount of CBD. Some people want to support their sleep hygiene, some are in search of more balance and relaxation others aiming for more focus. 

Once you picked your need, you can check the products for what might be suitable. There will be a detailed explanation telling you about the recommended dosage of CBD oil to start with.

Now - how do you set for your final CBD dosage?

We've already mentioned it: Starting with a small amount, meaning 1 to 2 pumps a day is the way to go.  Actually, it is the only way to find out how your body reacts. What also is important is the strengths of the oil. We generally recommend starting with a 5 percent up to a 10 percent oil.

If not straight away you surely will find your individual fitting dosage of CBD oil by slowly increasing it after 1 to 2 weeks if not feeling any effects. Please note that for some people it takes a while to recognize the first effects. It can take up to 4 weeks of regular application so your body gets used to the cannabinoids.

The possible dosage for beginners

  • Start with a CBD 5% oil
  • One hour before going to bed apply your first 1-2 pumps
  • Celebrate it -you just had your first CBD experience
  • The following day keep going with 1-2 pumps in the morning and 1-2 pumps in the evening
  • Repeat it for at least one week
  • It might not be necessary but in case you don't feel any effects, increase it to 3 pumps and so on

Observe your body carefully and possibly write down all the changes you have noticed in the evening. After some time you will certainly have found your perfect amount and the right oil.

Is it possible to overdose?

Cannabidiol (CBD) is particularly popular because there aren't major side effects. Also, it is hardly possible to get an overdose. However, please be careful anyway since everybody reacts differently. If taken too much, you may experience slight drowsiness or mild diarrhoea. 

A general guideline for safe application is 10 to 70mg per day. Please find the amount of CBD applied with one pump regarding the different strengths in the table.

Oil concentration 

1 pump of oil contains CBD in mg 









How to apply the oil?

All our oils are delivered in a CBD spray bottle which you should store in a dry, dark and cool place to enhance its durability. The easiest way to apply it is now to spray the oil directly into your mouth and move it there for a maximum of 30-60 seconds. The integrated pump dispenser of our CBD mouth sprays makes the usage especially easy.

Disclaimer - what you should know

CBD has to be registered as a cosmetic product in Germany. For this reason, we are only selling CBD oil spray which is a product for oral hygiene. That's also why you shouldn't swallow it.

Other countries like the UK for example can register CBD as a nutritional supplement. That's why you will find most of the CBD oils as drops using a dropper as an applicator.

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