Hemp Lotion - Skin Care inspired by Nature

On this page you will find body lotion containing extracts of the valuable hemp plant. At HERBLIZ, we are passionate about the versatility of the hemp plant. We have developed our cosmetics and skin care products in cooperation with scientific researchers. You can recognize our in-house products by our own brand HERBLIZ. In addition, we also carry high-quality products of partner companies that we believe in.

Our mission is to get even more people excited for hemp and its many positive benefits. On this page you will find the hemp lotion of our own brand HERBLIZ as well as hemp oil lotions fr om other brands.

What is a Lotion?

Lotions are formulated on a water or water and alcohol basis and for external use. Suspended or emulsified pharmaceutical active ingredients are added to this base.

HERBLIZ obtains its raw materials for the manufacture of our products exclusively from European organic agriculture. This means that the highest quality is already ensured in the first step of production. The water base of our HERBLIZ Pure CBD Lotion is fresh Swiss alpine mountain water.

From the base and the added active ingredients a preparation is created that is ideal for absorption through the human skin. In particular, you will find lotions with extracts of the hemp plant.

Our HERBLIZ lotions have a very light texture and usually provide a cooling effect. They are primarily used for the moisturisation, revitalisation and regeneration of the skin.

Bodylotion with CBD - What are the benefits?

A CBD lotion such as our HERBLIZ Pure CBD Lotion brings all the benefits that the hemp plant naturally offers.

Hemp oil is known for its many skin caring properties. Almost 80% of the valuable oil consists of Omega 3, 6 & 9 fatty acids. The vegetable oil owes these fatty acids to its antibacterial, anti-inflammatory and skin calming properties.

Hemp oil also contains vitamins A, C and E - vitamins that are irreplaceable for a healthy, nourished skin. They help to compensate for deficiencies in the skin and thus create a healthy, smooth and radiant skin texture.

HERBLIZ Pure CBD Lotion also contains CBD (cannabidiol) in a high concentration. For every 100 ml of the lotion there are 300mg CBD (cannabidiol). Due to this highly concentrated formula, our hemp oil lotion quickly soothes irritated or stressed skin.

CBD is now almost as well-known as THC, both being natural compounds of the hemp plant.

There is a huge difference between the two substances: CBD does not have an intoxicating or psychoactive effect, like the much better known cannabinoid THC.

Instead, CBD has a relaxing, antispasmodic and pain-relieving effect.

On our blog, we have published an article called ”What is CBD?”, wh ere you can find more detailed information on cannabidiol.

In our HERBLIZ Pure CBD Lotion, besides the high portion of CBD, the Swiss mountain water, alpine edelweiss and valuable jojoba oil are also effective.

Is CBD Body Lotion suitable for my skin type?

Lotions with hemp and CBD are suitable for all skin types due to their formulas and light texture based on hemp oil which is remarkably fast-absorbing.

Especially for people with sensitive skin, hemp oil lotions like our HERBLIZ Pure CBD Lotion are ideally suitable.

Due to the light texture, hemp oil lotions do not weigh down the skin, but have a rather calming or even cooling effect. The composition of the ingredients helps to protect the skin from new oxidative stress.

To protect the hands, we offer the CIBDOL CBD Hand Cream with 200mg of CBD.

For an extra fast cooling effect we offer the MEDTERRA Rapid Cooling Cream with 250mg of CBD. In combination with menthol and arnica, this CBD product provides a quick cooling effect. Ideal for arthritis or joint pain.

Our certified organic quality

In the production process of our cosmetics we use 100% natural ingredients, free of synthetic additives. For us it is a matter of course that we completely refrain from animal testing.

For our products we use exclusively raw materials from organic farming. All products are manufactured according to strict EU guidelines and undergo regular testing by independent laboratories. These complex processes enable us to guarantee the permanently high quality of HERBLIZ products.

All HERBLIZ cosmetic products are certified with the COSMOS organic seal and the ECOCERT certificate. Our hemp cosmetic line is hypoallergenic and therefore suitable for every skin type.

With our partner up with other companies and their products, we pay the same attention to highest quality. Before we offer CBD products in our online shop, each company must pass the same quality tests as our own products.

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