CBD & hemp skincare Your natural partners in crime

How many times have you bought an expensive beauty product full of innovative and never-seen-before ingredients, just to stop using it three days later because your sensitive skin hated it?

If your answer is “too many times!”, then you have come to the right place.

HERBLIZ beauty products are full of gentle and reliable natural ingredients that work. No irritants, artificial fragrances or ingredients that will dry out your skin or clog your pores. Just natural support from hemp and CBD that even the most sensitive skin will love.

If we had to describe CBD and hemp skincare products in one word, it would be “soothing”. Natural skincare products made with ingredients from cannabis plants have an extraordinary ability to calm, nurture, and moisturise skin that’s prone to breakouts, redness, and other symptoms of stressed and irritated skin.

Questions & Answers ➤ between Myth & Truth #CBDknowledge

Are hemp & CBD cosmetics always vegan?

While both CBD and hemp are vegan ingredients, not all CBD and hemp cosmetics are vegan. Some producers might add non-vegan ingredients into their products, so you always have to check. Fortunately, almost all HERBLIZ products are vegan.

Is CBD skincare safe?

CBD skincare is considered safe. When CBD is applied topically (directly to the skin), it does not reach the bloodstream and, therefore, does not cause the same effects as CBD drops. However, if you are prone to skin allergies, we advise you to patch-test any new products - just to be safe. 

And remember, it is best to sustain from using CBD products while pregnant (check next point for more info).

Can you use skincare with CBD when pregnant?

Not enough research has been done to know if using CBD while pregnant is safe. As a result, and as a form of precaution, health organisations around the world discourage the use of CBD by pregnant women in any form, including cosmetics.

Is hemp good for your skin?

Due to its high content of vitamin E (a famous antioxidant), multiple minerals, and omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids, hemp is perfect for your skin

Early research suggests that hemp skincare products show high moisturising and soothing effects on even the most demanding skin

How can you identify high-quality skincare products?

Don’t get fooled by fancy packaging! Products that look luxurious don’t always assure a luxurious experience. Instead, look at the ingredients on the label or packaging. 

Ensure the ingredients listed are safe, that all plants used in the product were grown with organic practices in mind, and they come from GMP certified sources.

Also, make sure that the product contains no microplastic !

Alternatively, search for a brand you can trust, and stick to their products. It’s the best solution for people who want high-quality skincare but don’t want to spend hours researching new brands and products.

GMP certified agriculture - what does it mean?

Whenever you buy a natural product that uses raw materials from sustainable GMP-certified agriculture, you can always be sure the product is safe and that the highest production and processing standards have been kept. 

At HERBLIZ, we only use hemp grown at farms that are GMP certified. This is one of the many ways we make sure our products are free from chemical fertilisers, pesticides and herbicides, which could potentially irritate your skin and be harmful to your health (and the environment).

Hemp & CBD skincare - what’s the difference?

Hemp and CBD cosmetics are not the same things, even though they are often mentioned or advertised together.

Hemp beauty products contain hemp seed oil which is made from hemp seeds and does not contain any traceable amounts of cannabinoids, such as CBD. Instead, it is full of beneficial vitamins and essential fatty acids (omega-6, omega-3 and omega-9) responsible for the unique beautifying properties hemp products provide.

CBD, on the other hand, is a cannabinoid extracted from fully grown hemp plants, not seeds. It is known for its potential anti-inflammatory properties and many other health benefits that scientists are still learning about.

A lot of brands combine CBD and hemp in their cosmetics, but it is not always necessary. While some people will benefit from beauty products that unite these two superpowers, others might do much better with hemp-based skincare routines combined with CBD supplements.

Only you will be able to tell what works best for you.

CBD skincare

Did you know that skin, just like any other organ in the human body, has its own endocannabinoid receptors?

These receptors are a part of the endocannabinoid system. This system plays a vital role in various processes in our bodies, including immune responses. CBD has the ability to bind with these receptors and encourage anti-inflammatory behaviour. It’s important because inflammation is often the underlying reason for various skin conditions, such as atopic dermatitis or psoriasis.

While more research is needed, early results suggest CBD, when used either as a topical (creams and lotions) or in the form of a supplement (CBD drops, edibles, etc.), can help manage symptoms of skin inflammation.

CBD might also help reduce oil production in the skin, which is often a reason for excessive breakouts. However, contrary to many mainstream anti-acne cosmetics, CBD does so without causing the skin to dry out.

Please note!

Currently studies about this topic(s) are not represantative. Foundamantel statements about improvements of problems and/or conditions therefore can't be done.

Hemp skincare

Hemp seed oil is known for its unique combination of high amounts of healthy ingredients. Vitamin E and fatty acids like Omega 3 and 6 are just a few reasons why hemp cosmetics are effective.

Their antioxidant properties make hemp creams an excellent choice for people looking to improve the noticable effects of oxidative stress and ageing.

Hemp cosmetics can do what many other cosmetics can not - they can moisturise even the driest of skin without blocking any pores. This is great news for people with skin prone to breakouts, who struggle with finding a light-textured moisturiser that works.

Application of hemp & CBD cosmetics

Our hemp and CBD products can easily be incorporated into your current skincare routine.

You can mix and match with the beauty products you already have or build an entirely new skincare routine from scratch using only HERBLIZ cosmetics.

Whatever you decide to do, we can help you sel ect the right products for your specific needs. Visit our concept stores or send us an email, and our trained staff will help you make the right choice.

This is how you use CBD cream & Co.

Using CBD creams and any other CBD beauty products is very easy and intuitive.

The one point we can’t stress enough is that, in order to achieve noticeable results, consistency is absolutely vital. CBD skincare is not about quantity, but about the quality of the product and frequency of use.

One great tip for applying your CBD products to your skin is to do so through circular motion. This will make it easier for the CBD to penetrate the skin and reach the endocannabinoid receptors.

The power of hemp cosmetics

People tend to fall in love with hemp beauty products straight away. That’s because hemp cosmetics provide immediate relief for even the most unhappy skin.

It is a natural, but very powerful remedy. It’s strong enough to be used not only on your face, neck and decolletage area, but also on stubborn places which are hard to soften, such as elbows and heels.

Additionally, hemp body lotions provide great protection during the winter months when the dry air causes excessive dryness to the skin.

Anecdotal evidence also points out that hemp is a tool that might help alleviate skin issues that cause high levels of discomfort, such as dry and itchy skin, or even various skin rashes.

Hemp really is just a natural healer that helps your skin relax.

Conscious Beauty Delights: Opt for hemp on your skin

To take advantage of all the benefits CBD and hemp oil cosmetics have to offer, the products you buy should be clean, free of microplastics, and produced from hemp plants that have been grown using organic farming practices.

The ability of CBD and hemp oil to help calm rashes, beautify and lift the skin can only work if the accompanying ingredients are not irritants.

While both oils do not clog pores, other unnatural ingredients found in various lines of hemp-based cosmetics might. Therefore, it is crucial to only use beauty products from:

  • ethical
  • responsible
  • and reputable companies.

Beauty products for your face

At HERBLIZ, we have created easy-to-use cosmetics that can provide maximum hydration and noticeable anti-ageing properties with minimum effort.

Our morning glowing toner beautifies and nourishes your skin. The face and eye serum provide a lifting effect, keeping your skin looking firm and well-rested, while our night and day creams keep your skin healthy, glowing and calm 24/7.

Whether your skin just needs a little booster or some serious damage repair, you will find what you need here.

Hair Care with CBD & hemp

Our best-selling and beautifully scented Lavender CBD Hair Oil is a true all-in-one.

If you massage it into your scalp, it might help calm any potential scalp irritations and nourish the hair bulb, making it easier to grow strong and healthy hair.

When used as a leave-in treatment, our CBD Hair Oil helps improve the appearance of dry hair and split ends. And if applied as the last step of a hair-care routine, this oil helps control frizz, as well as increase shine.

It’s the only hair care product you will need for curls and dry hair. Any bonuses? Yes, it’s silicon-free!

CBD – Eco-friendly skincare from head to toe

Our beauty products are made using only natural ingredients. Nothing more, nothing less.

Suitable for even the most challenging skin, HERBLIZ products are made in a sustainable and ecological way. This allows our customers to enjoy the benefits of natural beauty products with a clean conscience.

Whether it is your dry or oily skin that’s giving you troubles, HERBLIZ hemp and CBD products might be just what you need.

It’s a win for your skin and the planet.

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