CBD Oil 10%

Increase your vitality and well-being with high-quality CBD 10% oil. Here you will find a wide selection of oils and sprays with a CBD concentration of 10% for more balance and relaxation in everyday life. Discover real CBD diversity thanks to different carrier oils and plant spectra with HERBLIZ hemp oils.     

CBD Oil in certified lab-tested Quality

If you are looking for high-quality CBD oil 10%, you will find a fine selection of certified oils and sprays in different varieties with 10% hemp extract at HERBLIZ. Whether full spectrum extract or isolate, fruity-fresh note or pure hemp flavour - you are sure to find your new favourite CBD oils with us. Bring more balance into your life and treat your body and mind to real moments of peace and relaxation with natural CBD oil in 10% concentration. All our CBD products are regularly tested and certified for their purity and CBD content by independent laboratories.   

Ingredients and Active Substances

CBD 10% oil is available at HERBLIZ in many different varieties. For the production of CBD oils, we only use ingredients from organic farming and premium CBD extract from gentle CO2 extraction. A different high-quality carrier oil is added to each oil with 10% CBD content to give it a special flavour and other positive properties, for example through contained nutrients. Our bestseller is the Classic Full Spectrum CBD Oil 10% with a pure, full-bodied hemp flavour, rich coconut oil and 10% full spectrum hemp extract.

Depending on the variety, you can choose between nutrient-rich hemp seed oil, cold-pressed olive oil, refreshing lemon oil, nutty pumpkin seed oil and mild coconut oil for the carrier oils. 10% CBD isolate or full spectrum hemp extract is added to this carrier oil.  

CBD Oil from our own Production

Every 10% CBD oil from HERBLIZ, like our CBD cosmetics, is produced in our Berlin factory. There, we produce all CBD products from sustainable organic resources with great care and attention to detail. After production, we subject each CBD oil to strict controls by independent laboratories. The respective certificates can be viewed in our online shop in the product description. You can find more information and background knowledge about our CBD production process in the section "Quality". 

Free of THC

Are you looking for a THC-free CBD oil? Then you should take a closer look at our Sativa CBD Oil 10% or Sativa CBD Mouth Spray 10%. This oil contains 10% pure CBD isolate as well as precious organic hemp seed oil, which is naturally rich in antioxidants, minerals and vitamins. An isolate does not contain any other plant active ingredients besides cannabidiol (CBD). It is completely free of THC and can also be produced synthetically. Another CBD oil without THC is the Lemon Mint CBD Mouth Spray 10%, which also contains 10% CBD isolate and gets its fruity-fresh note from high-quality lemon oil and peppermint oil.

Full spectrum CBD oils usually contain small traces of THC, but always only below 0.01%, according to the legally prescribed framework.

What does a CBD concentration of 10% mean?

The concentration of 10% means that one bottle of oil contains ten percent cannabidiol. A CBD oil 10% therefore consists of 10% CBD, which is either an isolate or a full spectrum hemp extract.

How fast and how long does CBD with 10% concentration work?

CBD works differently for each person. It is assumed that various factors such as diet, exercise, body size and weight influence the effect of cannabidiol. Generally, CBD oil takes effect via the oral mucosa after about 15-60 minutes and the duration of effect is up to 4-8 hours. CBD oils with a higher concentration of 10% or more can be absorbed particularly easily through the mucous membranes, as there is less liquid in this oil than in a 5% CBD oil, for example. However, the percentage does not say anything about the quality of the oil - it only determines the amount of cannabidiol and thus the concentration of the CBD oil.

Dosage of CBD Oil

Just like the effect, the dosage of CBD oil depends on various individual factors. We recommend starting with a low dose of 1-2 drops or pumps per day and increasing it slowly. The amount of 3 times 3 drops / pumps per day should not be exceeded. You can find more information on this topic in our blog article "How to find the right dosage of CBD oil?”.

Application as Oil or Spray    

At HERBLIZ, CBD oil in 10% concentration is classically available as CBD oil in drop form or as a practical CBD mouth spray. For people who prefer to use CBD oil with a spoon or as a skin care supplement in creams, bath water or pure, CBD in drop form may be the better option. Our 10% CBD oils are available in Classic Full Spectrum, Sativa, Autumn Blend and Olive Fresh. If you are looking for quick relaxation and balance on the go and find the pipette delivery form too cumbersome, our CBD mouth spray with pump dispenser is an ideal alternative. HERBLIZ CBD Mouth Sprays 10% are available in the varieties Sativa, Olive Fresh and Lemon Mint

Full Spectrum vs CBD Isolate

Our CBD oils 10% are available as an isolate and full spectrum hemp extract. While the varieties "Sativa" and "Lemon Mint" are pure CBD isolates, the varieties "Olive Fresh", "Classic Full Spectrum" and "Autumn Blend" contain a full spectrum extract of the hemp plant.

An isolate only contains cannabidiol and no other plant active ingredients. A full-spectrum extract, on the other hand, contains the full plant spectrum of hemp, including important additional cannabinoids, terpenes and flavonoids, which can additionally strengthen the effect of CBD in the body. In our blog article "CBD full spectrum vs. broad spectrum vs. isolate" you can learn more about the individual hemp extracts and their exact mode of action.       

CBD Variety at HERBLIZ

In our online shop you will not only find a large selection of CBD spray and CBD oil with 10% and other concentrations, but also CBD in the form of CBD cosmetics and vapes as well as COSMOS ORGANIC certified hemp cosmetics. Browse through our premium wellness range and discover natural feel-good-products. Need a gift for your loved ones? Give the gift of pure relaxation with our CBD gift ideas and save even more with our sets. Depending on the variety, they contain various bath products such as CBD bath bombs, CBD bath salts or CBD massage oil as well as CBD oil and mouth spray - perfect for CBD newbies to test. In our four concept stores in Berlin and Hamburg, you can try out oils, creams, serums and more and convince yourself of the special HERBLIZ quality on site.

Discover our HERBLIZ Shops

In our HERBLIZ Shops in Berlin and Hamburg, you can find a large selection of our natural wellness products. Our expert team will be happy to help you find your new favourites. In a relaxed atmosphere you can test out all our different CBD oils, vapes and cosmetics. We are looking forward to your visit!
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