Buy High-Quality CBD in our CBD Shops in Hamburg

You want to convince yourself personally of the high quality of our CBD and hemp products? In our CBD Shops in Hamburg you will find a large selection of our popular CBD oils, vaporizers, hemp cosmetics and premium CBD wellness products. Here you can browse, try out and get advice from our friendly staff.
Grindelallee 81
20146 Hamburg
Hudtwalckerstraße 31
22299 Hamburg

Locations of our Hamburg CBD Shops

You are wondering what the CBD trend really is all about and would like to see the relaxing effect of our creations for yourself in advance? In Berlin you have the opportunity to try out our complete range of products in a prime location before you buy CBD and hemp products. Here you can currently find two HERBLIZ shops in the central districts of Friedrichshain and Prenzlauer Berg.

Hamburg - Rotherbaum

In the immediate vicinity of the university, the market place and the Abaton cult cinema, you will find our HERBLIZ shop directly on the pulsating Grindelallee. Between numerous restaurants, bars and cafés, you can take a well-deserved break in a relaxed atmosphere. Indulge yourself in our aromatically scented CBD creations and experience pure harmony of body and soul. Here you will find everything from CBD oils and vapes to certified organic hemp cosmetics, CBD bath additives and massage oils. Our service team will be happy to take the time for an individual consultation and explain everything you need to know about our CBD and hemp products over a cup of tea or coffee. We will also provide you with tips on optimal dosage and application. Our CBD and hemp cosmetics can of course also be tried out to your heart's content. We want you to feel completely comfortable at HERBLIZ.

Hamburg - Winterhude

Our second CBD Shop in Hamburg is situated in a fantastic location between the theatre, Winterhude's market place and the ferry terminal. Directly at the underground station Hudtwalckerstraße you can test out - for example after a long walk through the beautiful city park - our manifold CBD assortment. Enjoy the relaxing effect of our natural products while our team of experts gives you personal advice and answers all your questions in detail. Forget the challenges of everyday life and your to-do lists and treat yourself to a moment of relaxation. Switch off and enjoy the many different varieties of our CBD oils or let yourself be pampered by the caring creams, serums and lotions with hemp seed oil. In our HERBLIZ shop in Hamburg you will certainly find your new favourite CBD and hemp products.

What makes our Shops so special?

If you want to buy CBD in Hamburg, HERBLIZ is the right address for you. Although CBD oil has become more popular than ever before as a natural remedy for more relaxation, there are still reservations about everything that has to do with the hemp plant. The uncertainty about CBD and hemp products causes many open questions, which we are happy to answer.

We not only develop our CBD creations ourselves in our own Berlin factory, but are also happy to pass on our knowledge to our customers. Our aim is to make your purchase as uncomplicated as possible and to provide you with easily understandable information on everything that is important about the production, effect, dosage forms, application and dosage of CBD. Therefore, our expert staff will be pleased to support you on your way to natural well-being and more balance in your everyday life - with a shopping experience of a special kind.

Our Premium HERBLIZ CBD Products in Hamburg

In our CBD Shops in Hamburg you have the opportunity to test our entire product range in detail. Whether you are interested in our CBD oils, want to test hemp cosmetics or want to try a vaporizer for the first time - you will certainly find what you are looking for at HERBLIZ in Hamburg. For our high-quality CBD products we only use legal industrial hemp from European organic farming. Our CBD oils and CBD vape cartridges contain less than 0.2% THC and are free of artificial additives.

Since top quality and reasonable prices are not mutually exclusive for us, you will also find regular offers and discounts for the small purse in our CBD shops in Hamburg. So you can slowly approach CBD or try out several product forms to find your favourites.

Product Quality

Because quality is our number one priority, we make no compromises when manufacturing in our own factory and have all our CBD products tested and certified by independent laboratories. Sustainability and a conscious approach to nature are also close to our heart, which is why we always keep an eye on our CO2 balance and only use resources from responsible sources in organic quality. In addition, we completely avoid animal testing and also offer numerous vegan products. Our hemp cosmetics are all ECOCERT organic and contain only the best natural ingredients.

Our Product Recommendations

If you are new to the world of the CBD and have no experience with the herbal ingredient, the choice in our HERBLIZ shops may be a little difficult. After all, we have many different varieties in different strengths on offer, which can cause confusion at the beginning. The dosage of CBD also depends on several factors, such as your own body weight and state of health. Therefore, it can be helpful to get specific advice from expert staff.

Many people do not know how exactly to take CBD drops or how a vaporizer works. Here too, we are happy to provide valuable tips for optimal use in our shops in Hamburg. Furthermore, we offer a detailed overview of our premium cosmetics and recommend individual products for your skin type, which you can of course test on site.

Product Categories

It is our diverse product range that distinguishes us from other CBD suppliers. We offer you not only the purest CBD isolate with the pure hemp taste without additives, but also many other CBD oils in best quality. You have the choice between full spectrum and broad spectrum in the strengths 5%, 10%, 15% and 20%. Two of our bestselling oils are also available in a practical pocket size as a mouth spray - perfect for quick relaxation on the go. As carrier oil we use MCT coconut oil (Classic Full Spectrum), olive oil and lemon oil (Olive Fresh Full Spectrum), pumpkin seed oil (Autumn Blend Full Spectrum) and milk thistle oil (Cold Pressed Broad Spectrum) each in organic quality.

With our vaporizers you can choose between the elegant black Puffmod Battery and the stylish silver Maxstiq Battery. These Vape Pens can be filled in no time with our five different CBD cartridges (Tango, Bravo, Relaxo, Piano, Forte) in three different strengths (20%, 40%, 60%). With the help of an unused, hygienic mouthpiece, the vaporizers can be easily tested on site.

For our organic natural cosmetics we use high quality hemp seed oil of the best organic quality. It is rich in essential fatty acids and antioxidants and, in combination with other natural ingredients such as aloe vera, jojoba oil or dog rose oil, provides the skin with an optimal supply of nutrients. Our complete hemp cosmetics are certified organic with the ECOCERT seal.

Our hemp cosmetics are based on high-quality, cold-pressed organic hemp seed oil in combination with other natural ingredients such as rosehip oil, olive oil, apricot kernel oil or Inca Inchi oil. From eye serum, night cream and toner to hand cream, you will find everything for your beauty routine. All our hemp cosmetics are certified with the Bio-ECOCERT seal and are suitable for all skin types.

If you like extensive relaxing baths, you will love our CBD wellness line. With our CBD bath bombs and CBD bath salts your bathroom will be transformed into a luxury spa within minutes. Soothing fragrances and essences spread pure harmony and pamper your body with rich avocado oil, apricot kernel oil and hemp seed oil and essential oils like lavender, ylang-ylang, mint, eucalyptus or rose. Afterwards, our CBD body and massage oil and CBD hair oil provide the crowning touch to your relaxation ritual. All our CBD wellness products are vegan.

Customer Feedback: Satisfied Customers in Hamburg

Our customers appreciate our special service, so that many of them already prefer the personal conversation in Hamburg over our online shop. HERBLIZ stands not only for a diverse range of CBD and hemp products, but also for interpersonal contact and exchange of information about current trends in the natural cosmetics and hemp industry. Some of our regular customers from Hamburg are now visiting us just for a short "snack" in between, which makes us especially happy.

Once our customers have found their favourite oil, they are happy to remain loyal to it. Our experience shows that especially our "Classic Full Spectrum CBD Oil 10%" is a real long-lasting favourite. But also our autumn blend, a premium full spectrum oil with cold-pressed organic pumpkin seed oil, enjoys great popularity. Among the Vapes, the "Tango CBD Oil Cartridge 40%" has become an absolute bestseller in Hamburg.

There is a clear favourite with our HERBLIZ hemp cosmetics: Our eye cream makes tired eyes shine again and, together with the Hydrating Day Cream, has a particularly soothing effect on sensitive facial skin - thanks to rich hemp seed oil. The highlight of our premium CBD wellness line is for most Hamburg customers our CBD bath bomb. We are always raving about its relaxing effect on body and soul in combination with the special moisturising effect, which provides for velvety soft skin after bathing. Convince yourself of our CBD feel-good products and relax together with us in our shops in Hamburg. We look forward to seeing you!

General Remarks about CBD

Taking CBD cannot replace medical treatment or therapy. We recommend a healthy lifestyle, which is significantly supported by a balanced diet. If you are taking medication or legal drugs regularly, you should always consult your doctor before taking CBD.

Disclaimer and general information on medical topics