Bravo CBD Oil Vape Cartridge 40% - high quality ingredients in an elegant packaging
HERBLIZ Bravo CBD Oil Vape Cartridge 40% made with love and passion

Bravo CBD Oil Vape Cartridge 40%

Content: 0.5 ml (200 mg CBD)
200 mg CBD - 0.5 ml
€3,500.00 / 100 ml, incl. VAT
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HERBLIZ Bravo CBD Oil Vape Cartridge 40%


Full spectrum CBD extract, MCT oil, natural plant-based terpenes


Enhance and inspire your day with the Bravo CBD Oil Vape Cartridge 40%. Its tropical and fruity taste comes from real pineapple terpenes and the Bravo's euphoric effect increases creativity and motivation making it your ideal companion throughout the day. The Bravo CBD Oil Vape Cartridge can also create a soothing deep relaxing sensation and, available with CBD concentrations of 20%, 40% or 60%, it's easy to decide the potency that suits you. All of our vape cartridges blend use full spectrum CBD oil with natural terpenes, flavonoids and MCT coconut and are fast acting. The effects of cannabinoid inhalation typically begins to be felt in 1-3 minutes with a duration of 1-3 hours, making the Bravo CBD Oil Vape Cartridge the right choice for those who want to achieve a quick-acting effect.

Suggested use

We recommend inhaling 1- 3 times, taking a short break, and then repeat as needed. Contains approximately 100-150 inhalations.

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