HERBLIZ Forte CBD Oil Vape Cartridge 40%

200 mg CBD - 0.5 ml
€4,900.00 / 100 ml, incl. VAT
HERBLIZ Forte CBD Oil Vape Cartridge 40%
Full spectrum CBD extract, MCT oil, natural plant-based terpenes
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The Forte CBD Oil Vape Cartridge 40% puts relaxation at your fingertips. Its terpene profile, similar to the sweet Gelato cannabis strain, has a floral taste and the Forte focuses mental attention and heightens creativity throughout the day. Just like all of our CBD oil cartridges, we use full spectrum CBD and all natural terpenes, and are available in 3 concentrations, 20%, 40% or 60%, making dosage easy. Vaporizing CBD via an oil cartridge is a fast-acting way to quickly and conveniently benefit from the benefits of CBD. Effects can last up to 1-3 hours and are typically felt within 1-3 minutes.

Suggested use

We recommend inhaling 1- 3 times, taking a short break, and then repeat as needed. Contains approximately 100-150 inhalations.