HERBLIZ Relaxo CBD Oil Vape Cartridge 60%

CBD Content
300 mg
CBD Concetration
60 %
CBD per Puff
3 mg
HERBLIZ Relaxo CBD Oil Vape Cartridge 60%
Product benefits
  • Fast acting
  • Full spectrum CBD oil
  • contains natural terpenes
  • Nicotine free
  • Pleasant taste
  • No additives or preservatives
  • EU certified quality
  • Low THC content <0.2
Full spectrum CBD extract, MCT oil, natural plant-based terpenes
  • Free Delivery from 0 DE / 75 EU


Bring serenity to your mornings and evenings with the Relaxo CBD Oil Vape Cartridge 60%. With a flavor profile inspired by the Indica-dominant Watermelon cannabis strain, the Relaxo's sweet aroma and grape undertones deepens relaxation helping users find restful sleep. Made with high quality MCT coconut oil, our cartridges are blend of full spectrum CBD oil and natural plant-based terpenes and are available in CBD concentrations of 20%, 40% or 60%. Finding and maintaining your right CBD dosage will be quick and easy. Acting in just 1-3 minutes and with a duration of 1-3 hours, inhaling vaporized CBD typically improves relaxation fastly.

Suggested use

We recommend inhaling 1- 3 times, taking a short break, and then repeat as needed. Contains approximately 100-150 inhalations.