Piano CBD Oil Vape Cartridge 40% - high quality ingredients in an elegant packaging
HERBLIZ Piano CBD Oil Vape Cartridge 40% made with love and passion

Piano CBD Oil Vape Cartridge 40%

Content: 0.5 ml (200 mg CBD)
200 mg CBD - 0.5 ml
€3,500.00 / 100 ml, incl. VAT
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HERBLIZ Piano CBD Oil Vape Cartridge 40%


Full spectrum CBD extract, MCT oil, natural plant-based terpenes


The Piano CBD Oil Vape Cartridge 40% helps balance your day with a soothing, calming effect. With a sweet and fruity terpene flavor profile similar to the Mango Kush hybrid cannabis strain, the Piano vape oil cartridge contains a blend full spectrum CBD oil, high quality MCT coconut oil and all natural plant-based terpenes. You can decide on the level of potency that suits you with cartridges available in CBD concentrations of 20%, 40% or 60%. Fast acting and with a duration of up to 3 hours, users typically began to feel the effects of vaporized cannabinoids within 1-3 minutes.

Suggested use

We recommend inhaling 1- 3 times, taking a short break, and then repeat as needed. Contains approximately 100-150 inhalations.

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