HERBLIZ Maxstiq Vape Pen

HERBLIZ Maxstiq Vape Pen
Product benefits
  • Powerful battery
  • Various settings
  • Free of lacquers and plastics
  • Perfect for CBD inhalation
  • Free Delivery from 0 DE / 75 EU


The Maxstiq Vape Pen is a high-quality CBD vape pen that is free of paints and plastics. Thanks to its powerful battery, you can enjoy a consistent and pleasant CBD vaporizing experience. The Maxstiq Vape Pen's temperature can also be easily regulated with four variable voltage settings. The integrated overheating protection ensures that the vape pen can never get too hot. The Maxstiq Vape Pen is compatible with most 510 VAPE cartridges.

Suggested use

Charging process:

If the LED around the on / off switch (round button) flashes, the device must be charged.

Plug the enclosed USB cable into the designated device (pen below), connect it to a suitable USB socket and the charging process begins.

The USB charge indicator turns red when charging and green when fully charged. It usually takes 2 to 3 hours to reach full charge.

Overheating protection: If the on / off switch (round button) is pressed for 10 seconds, the pen switches off. This is indicated by flashing several times. For further use, briefly press the on / off switch (round button) again.

Operation of the vape pen:

The device is either switched on or off by pressing the on / off switch (round button) 5 times.

There are 3 temperature settings. With these 3 settings you can regulate the temperature.

The temperature levels can be changed by pressing the on / off switch 3 times. White stands for low, blue for medium and red for the highest temperature level. We recommend using the lowest level (white, ca. 150°C).

To vaporize, the on / off switch (round button) must be pressed. We recommend inhaling slowly and deeply. Remove the rubber protection from the vape cartridge and screw it onto the upper part of the pen. Your vape pen is now ready for use.

If the liquid is still cold, you can press the on / off switch (round button) twice for the preheating cycle, then the preheating begins. Do not preheat for more than 3-4 seconds. Press the on / off switch (round button) once to end the preheating cycle. This process ensures that the liquid becomes warm and therefore easier to absorb.

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