Puffmod Vape Battery

HERBLIZ Puffmod Battery
Product benefits
  • Powerful battery
  • Various settings
  • Free of lacquers and plastics
  • Perfect for CBD inhalation
  • Free Delivery from 0 DE / 75 EU


Our Puffmod battery is elegant, small, subtle and of excellent quality. The Puffmod battery has a vibrating feedback. The extremely powerful 900mAh battery guarantees a long usability. Thanks to 4 variable voltage settings, this battery is compatible with most 510 cartridges.

Suggested use

Charging process:

If the LED display around the on / off switch (round button) flashes red, the device must be charged.

Plug the enclosed USB cable into the device provided, under the on / off switch (round button), connect it to a suitable USB socket and the charging process begins.

The USB charge indicator flashes green when charging. The flashing stops after the battery is fully charged. It usually takes 2 to 3 hours to reach full charge.

Operation of the Puffmod Battery:

The device is switched on or off by quickly pressing the on / off switch (round button) 5 times. The LED display lights up and the device gives haptic feedback.

There are 3 temperature settings. With these 3 settings you can control the temperature.

The temperature levels can be changed by pressing the on / off switch 3 times. Green (2.6 V) stands for the lowest temperature. Yellow (3.0 V), orange (3.5 V) medium level and red (4.0 V) for the highest temperature level. The device gives a haptic signal every time the setting is changed. We recommend using the lowest level (Green, ca. 150°C).

Remove the rubber protection from the vape cartridge and turn the small enclosed golden ring (magnetic adapter) onto the vape cartridge and drop it into the Puffmod Battery, so your inhaler is ready for use. To vaporize, the on / off switch (round button) must be pressed. We recommend inhaling slowly and deeply.

If the liquid is still cold, you can press the round button twice for the preheating cycle, then the preheating begins. The LED display lights up red and starts to flash. When the display stops flashing, the preheating process is complete. It is recommended that preheating be ended after 3-5 seconds by clicking once on the on / off switch (round button). This process ensures that the liquid becomes warm and therefore easier to absorb.

Prefer dropper over spray?
We care for you! Due to the recent results of our customer satisfaction survey and the many advantages of the spray applicator we changed to CBD sprays. Nevertheless some of you asked us to get the dropper back. Just add it for free in the next step.