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At HERBLIZ, we strive to be pioneers in the field of hemp products. Our mission is to inspire more people to discover the versatility of this crop. Its active ingredients can help us achieve a natural sense of well-being without the need for harsh chemicals.

With our own brand HERBLIZ and a knowledge accumulated over many years, we are constantly creating new CBD and hemp products. Our natural cosmetics line covers almost all areas of body care. In our online shop you will find CBD and hemp oil products for the daily beauty routine as well as for little wellness breaks in between.

Hair care with Hemp - for naturally healthy hair

Our scalp is a very sensitive area and requires particularly gentle care. Nevertheless, many conventional hair care products still contain harsh surfactants, skin-irritating ingredients and even environmentally harmful additives such as microplastics.

In our hemp oil and CBD hair products you will find only 100% pure natural ingredients. Our entire HERBLIZ natural cosmetics line is certified by ECOCERT - the world's largest certifier of organic cosmetics.

In this section you will find our hemp oil products for hair care. Hemp oil shampoo, hemp oil hair conditioner with minerals from the Dead Sea, nourishing hair masks and hair oils.

Relief for damaged hair and a sensitive scalp

Hair loss, an itchy scalp or dandruff are part of everyday life for many people. The reasons can of course be countless. Genetically, there is circular hair loss, psoriasis or even eczema. Many of these diseases require medical treatment.

But even without a disease as a cause, the scalp can be irritated and itching unpleasantly, the hair ends can feel dry and split or become greasy very quickly. Dandruff can also appear out of nowhere. There are many different health causes for problems with the scalp or hair.

Besides illness, hair and scalp problems can also be triggered by an unbalanced diet, hormonal imbalance or simply by stress. Stress is a factor that is clearly underestimated by most people. But if you let too much stress into your life without recognizing it, you may ultimately notice it in the symptoms that your body sends out.

The high level of stress in our everyday life requires a balance. A healthy way of life is of course always the best way. We at New Garden Lab would like to support this healthy lifestyle by providing natural products that contribute to your well-being.

This not only applies to our CBD oils and vaporizers, but also to our body care products.

However, conventional shampoo products contain surfactants, fragrances or Lauryl sulphates - artificial additives that particularly mean one thing above all else for the sensitive scalp: additional stress.

Those who have understood this, start rethinking and look for alternatives. Natural hair care with hemp oil has several advantages.

Hemp oil for hair and scalp

Our natural cosmetics line by HERBLIZ consists of 100% natural ingredients. The production takes place without animal testing - although we believe that this is not even worth mentioning, but should be mandatory.

Due to the natural ingredients and particularly skin-friendly properties, our products are ideally suited for all skin and hair types.

HERBLIZ hemp oil hair care is especially suitable for stressed or irritated scalps. Also for dry hair and split ends, hair care products with hemp oil can create long sought-after help. There are already several studies on the use of hemp oil hair care for hair loss - even though research on this is still in its infancy.

Our hair care products contain high-quality hemp oil and other natural ingredients that support the caring properties of the plant substances. A unique combination of antioxidants, omega-3-6-6 fatty acids and vitamins makes hemp oil perfect for the use on skin and hair.

Damaged and brittle hair finds its strength back, is easy to comb and gets the right amount of hydration it needs.

Due to the nutrient mix and the essential fatty acids the whole hair gets back its natural, healthy shine. In addition, the plant active ingredients form a protective layer on the hair, which protects the hair and scalp from damage caused by external aggressors.

Hemp oil also soothes the scalp and provides relief for itchy eczema or irritated skin. In cases of psoriasis or neurodermatitis, hair care with hemp oil can have a supportive effect and alleviate itching.

Our house brand HERBLIZ - Natural cosmetics with hemp oil

With our own house brand HERBLIZ we are able to frequently create new hair care products with hemp oil. Our Lavender CBD Hair Oil offers three ways of application.

As a hair treatment it can be gently massaged into the hair after washing. A head massage brings the extra portion of relaxation. Afterwards, the hair oil has to sit in for at least 10 minutes before it is washed off with a nourishing shampoo. So why not extend the head massage and place a matching Lavender CBD Bath Bomb in the relaxing bath tub?

As a second option, add CBD hair oil to towel-dried hair - but only from the middle to the ends - to avoid an oily hairline.

Additionally, the CBD hair oil is also suitable as a hair care treatment for split ends.

The HERBLIZ Conditioner nourishes the hair with hemp oil, real minerals from the Dead Sea and rich almond oil.

For people with very thick or curly hair we have a tip from HERBLIZ:

Try our rich Concentrated Shea Butter. It will provide your hair and scalp with valuable nutrients and makes brittle hair velvety soft and smooth again.

Usage of Hair Care with Hemp Oil

Hemp oil shampoo can basically be used almost like any conventional shampoo. It is advisable to spread a walnut-sized amount in your hands and foam it up slightly.

Then apply the foam with both hands to the entire hair and scalp. Giving yourself a relaxing scalp massage while shampooing is taking a little break from everyday life. The hemp oil care product must be rinsed out thoroughly afterwards. Pamper your hair with the best natural ingredients and experience luxurious moments of pure wellness with HERBLIZ hair products.

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