Your Need, our CBD Products – from SLEEP to BEAUTY


Can’t SLEEP at night? Sometimes it’s easier than you think. The key might be relaxation. Only if you are able to calm down your mind your body can do so. Put aside your smartphone and completely focus on your inner self. Our sustainable CBD Wellness articles perfectly harmonize with our handcrafted CBD Oils to make yourself feeling more light and balanced. Your mind and body get a nice support to drop into your bed comfortably. Discover your personal routine every evening with our 100% planted based SLEEP products #SleepDeep

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Need a break? Put away your to do list and RELAX using our high quality CBD products. For your body and for your soul. It doesn’t matter what’s your favourite method to RELAX - our handcrafted CBD and hemp products making you stay calm and balanced wherever you are. From CBD oil to bath bombs and massage oil, we provide everything you need for your well deserved time out. Our mindfully produced products containing mother nature's best ingredients - 100% vegan, no artificial ingredients, no preservatives, no silicons, free of paraben. It’s time for yourself to RELAX with CBD #TimeToRelax

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Your skin only deserves the best! If you are into sustainable and 100% natural eco skin care we might be your game changer. Being rich in vitamins, minerals and the omega 3s and 6s makes our hemp and CBD skin care products the ideal BEAUTY booster. Hemp oil is very close to our skin’s profile of fatty acids making it possible to enter the deepest layers of it. The perfect care without making your skin greasy. Discover our CBD and hemp BEAUTY products for 100% natural skin care. #BeautyInsideOut

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Do you have an active lifestyle always searching for the next challenge? Do you want to FOCUS more on the things in everyday life and at work? Our fresh n’ juicy CBD FOCUS products supporting you in reaching your goals - smaller or bigger. Our CBD oils help to stay concentrated doesn’t matter where you are. Bath bombs are the refreshing choice after sport containing hemp, lemon, strawberry or peppermint oil that revitalizes not only your body but also your soul. #100%NaturallyFOCUSED

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Prefer dropper over spray?
We care for you! Due to the recent results of our customer satisfaction survey and the many advantages of the spray applicator we changed to CBD sprays. Nevertheless some of you asked us to get the dropper back. Just add it for free in the next step.