New CBD & Hemp Products

Innovations by HERBLIZ

The latest CBD and hemp innovations can be found here at HERBLIZ.

In our Berlin manufactory and independent laboratories, we are constantly creating new hemp and CBD products for natural well-being. New recipes and creations in the field of CBD oil, hemp cosmetics and products for the vaporizer - everything fresh from our lab can be found here on this category for all product novelties.

New formulations and possible compositions are created in the lab, which are combined with our knowledge in our in-house Berlin manufacture. This results in high-quality CBD products for all age groups.

The different aromas of our CBD creations are already widely known and popular - and there will always be new creations. If you don't want to miss anything and want to be regularly informed about our new products around the hemp plant, feel free to visit this page regularly or sign up for our newsletter.

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CBD - A Trend with an ever-growing product range

Modern wellness products with CBD are a growing trend. The variety of products will therefore also continue to grow. New CBD products will continuously appear on the market. This is mainly due to the fact that even science is still in the early stages of long-term studies regarding the effects of CBD.

Here you can find all the latest products that we have developed with our own brand HERBLIZ. And there are no compromises in quality. Each of our new CBD and hemp products are tested by independent laboratories. All new hemp products will receive a certificate before they are available in our online shop. New innovations of our hemp cosmetics made of 100% natural ingredients first go through the complex process of organic certification by ECOCERT.

New CBD Products

Through our in-house manufacture in Berlin, we are constantly creating new CBD products.

CBD oil in new compositions, with different base oils for a distinctive aroma or new innovations like our CBD Mouth Spray or CBD Massage Oil.

We always keep one thing in mind: To inspire more people for the versatility of the hemp plant. That is why HERBLIZ was founded.

We know how valuable the active ingredients of the useful plant are and want to provide more balance in everyday life with a broad CBD range.

New Hemp Products

The products of our own house brand HERBLIZ are innovatively developed through the years of experience of our manufacturers and complex processes in the lab. We are proud to offer our own line of hemp cosmetics. All products are completely free of synthetic additives and contain purely natural ingredients. This is also certified by ECOCERT - the world's largest certifier of organic cosmetics.

Among our new hemp products, you will find only the best results from our extensive research.

Our Organic Quality - More than a Promise

Sustainable agriculture and production are close to our heart. This begins with the selection of raw materials. Because these are purely natural and therefore, the quality of the raw materials is the first and most important lever when it comes to new products for HERBLIZ.

We work exclusively with responsible GMP-certified farmers. Therefore, our raw materials are free of herbicides, pesticides and artificial fertilizers. All hemp plants grow on fertile soil, away from cities and industry under ideal conditions. Each of our suppliers undergoes strict quality control to ensure 100% purity of the product. With the testing by independent laboratories, we also guarantee compliance with the specified EU guidelines.

Our high quality is a promise you can rely on - also for all new CBD and hemp products.

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