CBD Sale - Save money with CBD Products on SALE

In our sale, you can save money and still enjoy CBD of the highest quality.

We regularly offer products from all our areas at reasonable prices. On this page you can always browse through the entire low-priced CBD assortment in SALE.

Why we sell CBD at a good price

We at HERBLIZ are dedicated to a mission. We want to bring awareness to the versatility of the hemp plant. And we believe in the power of nature.

The producers in our Berlin factory have learned their knowledge from the Californian cannabis market and put all their know-how into the production of our own CBD products. Our mission is simple:

Together we want to inspire even more people with modern CBD health and wellness products.

With our low prices in the CBD SALE we enable people to test CBD without having to dig deep into their wallets. Those who have already discovered the advantages of cannabidiol (CBD) for themselves can test hemp products from other areas at low prices. Browse our selection now for reduced CBD products at low prices.

Summer SALE - Up to 50% Discount on CBD

During summer, we offer CBD products at a particularly favourable price. You will find cost-effective CBD products from our entire range with a discount of up to 50% in our online shop.

We offer a wide range of CBD products - also at small prices. This way, you have the opportunity to discover the many advantages of the hemp plant.

You can order our products very easy and uncomplicated in our online shop. The discount will be shown next to the product and will be directly taken into account in the shopping cart. You will find CBD oil, hemp cosmetics, CBD oil cartridges for your vaporizer and CBD wellness products.

CBD Oil - Relax naturally

In our online shop, we offer CBD oil in different concentrations and compositions. All our CBD oils come from our own manufacture in Berlin, recognizable by our own brand HERBLIZ which stands for highest organic quality.

The CBD concentration is divided into 5% steps. We carry CBD oils with 5%, 10%, 15% and 20% CBD content. In our SALE you will always find selected CBD oils. Whether cold-pressed, isolate or full spectrum CBD oil - just visit our CBD Sale from time to time for especially favourable prices.

Hemp Oil Cosmetics - Feel naturally beautiful

Whether you are searching for a hand cream, hair conditioner, toner or even a makeup remover with hemp oil - at HERBLIZ you will find a large selection of certified organic hemp cosmetics.

Do you know the advantages of hemp oil for the skin?

Hemp oil is considered an insider tip in skin care due to its antioxidant, anti-inflammatory and soothing effect - especially for anti-aging skin care, acne treatments and even neurodermatitis. Hemp oil cosmetics can effectively help to regenerate the skin in case of skin diseases and help to restore the skin lipids with the help of the contained fatty acids.

Selected items from our HERBLIZ hemp cosmetics line can always be found in our Sale range at reasonable prices. Try them out and protect nature and your wallet at the same time.

Certified Quality - even in CBD discount offers

We are fascinated by the versatility of the hemp plant. We believe in the power of nature. And that is why we at HERBLIZ have committed ourselves to a very high quality standard.

With our own hemp oil manufacture, we want to make a contribution to a more sustainable agriculture and production. We work exclusively with responsible organic farmers. This way, we guarantee that our raw materials, which we need for further processing, are grown free from pesticides, herbicides and artificial fertilizers.

All hemp plants grow under ideal conditions on fertile soil, far away from cities and industry. Each of our suppliers undergoes strict quality control to ensure 100% purity of the product. With the testing and certification by independent laboratories, we also guarantee compliance with the specified EU guidelines.

The CBD products in our Sale range offer the same quality as all our products under the highest standards. Find your low priced CBD product now.

Discover our HERBLIZ Shops

In our HERBLIZ Shops in Berlin and Hamburg, you can find a large selection of our natural wellness products. Our expert team will be happy to help you find your new favourites. In a relaxed atmosphere you can test out all our different CBD oils, vapes and cosmetics. We are looking forward to your visit!
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