Is Reishi extract a "magic cure"?

Reishi Extract

CBD & Hemp Dictionary | 19.04.2022

You may have noticed that the so-called Reishi extract is currently experiencing a lot of hype in the cosmetics industry. But what is it about? Reishi extract is obtained from the mushroom of the same name, which was originally located in China. Thousands of years ago, it was highly valued in areas of Asia. In China and Japan, it was considered a symbol of luck and immortality. It was also used in many ways in Chinese medicine. But what makes this mushroom so special?

Reishi Extract explained

In traditional Chinese medicine, the reishi mushroom is called "Ling Zhi". In this field, the mushroom has been used for more than 2000 years to help with physical ailments. In fact, thanks to numerous positive properties, the mushroom has managed to remain well-known to this day, although it does not even belong to the edible mushrooms. The mushroom is not poisonous, but it has a very hard consistency and tastes bitter - which actually makes it inedible.

But what makes the mushroom so special? Well, Reishi contains numerous active ingredients, which is why the mushroom can be used in so many different areas. The two most important active ingredients are polysaccharides and so-called triterpenes. According to Chinese healers, polysaccharides are able to support the immune system and thus increase the holistic physical well-being. Triterpenes are praised in traditional Chinese medicine for their antibacterial and calming properties. In conventional medicine, the mushroom is not yet given much attention, as the studies in this area are not yet conclusive enough. However, many researchers are interested in doing more research on the mode of action of reishi extract. In fact, it can be worthwhile to take a closer look at the active ingredient. After all, the mushroom is one of the best-researched medicinal mushrooms in the world. The PubMed study database lists more than 1000 studies on the subject. However, this does not mean that all these studies are 100% trustworthy and meaningful.

CBD & Reishi Extract

What CBD and Reishi have in common is that the herbal substances are of Eastern origin. Both active ingredients have been attributed positive properties regarding physical well-being for thousands of years. The two substances are therefore often combined in order to develop their optimal properties depending on the area of application. Vital mushrooms such as the reishi mushroom are said to provide a generally improved sense of well-being. Traditional Chinese medicine attributes numerous positive properties to the reishi extract obtained from the mushrooms, which is why they are also excellently suited for cosmetics. Similar to CBD, reishi extract is said to have antioxidant and skin care properties. The two ingredients can therefore be ideally combined in cosmetics. In traditional Chinese medicine, the reishi mushroom is also recommended when it is difficult to calm down at night when going to bed. Deep, restful sleep is crucial for our health and overall well-being. Therefore, we have made use of the properties of the Reishi mushroom and launched a new product - our HERBLIZ Melatonin Sleep Drops with Reishi extract - so you can say goodbye to sleepless nights (see below).

History of Reishi Extract

Reishi has a long history. Originally, the mushroom only grew on hardwood trees in Southeast Asia. In the meantime, it can also be found on oaks, beeches or even conifers and plum trees in Europe and North America. Before it was cultivated, the mushroom was incredibly expensive because it rarely grew in the wild. Therefore, the use of the mushroom was reserved only for the upper class and priests until the 20th century. In historical Chinese works, the mushroom can even be seen on numerous tapestries, paintings and robes of the Chinese emperors. In Japan, it was also called the phantom mushroom because it was so rare. Its positive properties have been known in Japanese and Chinese folk medicine for over 2000 years.

Good to know about Reishi Extract

Many mushrooms are known to do our bodies good in different ways. However, health claims should be viewed critically, because although there are numerous studies on the reishi mushroom already, they still need to be completed and expanded in order to substantiate assumed health benefits. Moreover, a "superfood" alone is not the solution to all problems and will not improve our well-being overnight. Physical health is dependent on numerous factors, which is why attributing it as a "panacea" or “mushroom of Immortality” should not be taken too seriously.