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Do you sometimes feel stressed and in need of a spa treatment? Discover our natural CBD cosmetics with precious essences, creams, bath additives and oils and find everything you need for a relaxing break in the comfort of your own home.

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CBD: The Miracle Ingredient in Beauty Products

CBD as a beauty booster has become irreplaceable in the world of cosmetics. Whether as cream, serum, body oil or bath additive: We encounter the active ingredient CBD (cannabidiol) again and again on a multitude of skin care products. In numerous articles on blogs, online platforms and in magazines as well as on social media channels, we can read of the "miracle ingredient CBD". Many people agree on the special effect of CBD in their body care routine and are overwhelmed with enthusiasm about the CBD products they have tested.

A fragrant lavender bath with a CBD bath bomb or CBD bath salts helps many users to switch off from the day and to deal with themselves and their environment more calmly. In addition, many people  rave about how easy it is to fall asleep after a CBD bath. No wonder - If we are calm and completely centered, it is also easier for our body to enter the sleep mode. But what exactly is the hype behind this "miracle cure" CBD and what makes the herbal ingredient so attractive to the cosmetics industry? Therefore we will take a closer look at this mysterious plant compound called cannabidiol.

What is CBD?

CBD is the abbreviation for cannabidiol and refers to a non-psychoactive substance of the cannabis plant. For our HERBLIZ products, this herbal active ingredient is obtained from legal, Europeanindustrial hemp. CBD is extracted from the hemp leaves in a careful and complex CO2 extraction process. Unlike THC, which is mainly found in marijuana plants, CBD does not make you "high". The CBD content in industrial hemp is more than 20%..

Because CBD can interact with the body's own endocannabinoid system via our CB1 and CB1 receptors, a variety of effects have been attributed to the substance by various scientific studies. In the form of cosmetics and oils, CBD is mainly used as an anti-stress agent for relaxation to ensure greater harmony and balance in everyday life. We want to contribute to this with our high-quality HERBLIZ CBD products. Cannabidiol also protects the skin from oxidative cell stress caused by free radicals and is therefore particularly popular in anti-ageing skin care.

What can CBD do in Cosmetics?

If you have only heard of cannabidiol in the form of oils, capsules or vaporizers, you will be surprised about the many skin-friendly properties of CBD. Used topically, CBD can not only optimally complement daily skin care, but also contributes to your general wellbeing after sports as a cooling cream.

CBD has particularly calming and antioxidant properties due to its unique, rich combination of nutrients and can also regulate the sebaceous gland function of the skin. In addition, CBD contains the anti-inflammatory, moisturising gamma-linolenic acid (GLA). The phytocannabinoid CBD can strengthen the skin's collagen fibres and can help to firm the connective tissue - making it perfect for an extensive CBD relaxation bath in the tub.

Hemp is the only known vegetable source of vitamin D. This means that the plant offers another anti-inflammatory active ingredient that also strengthens our body's defences. CBD also contains valuable antioxidants, which are frequently used in anti-aging facial care, as they protect against premature skin ageing caused by harmful external aggressors such as UV light or ultraviolet light. Hemp seed oil is rich in essential fatty acids and has the ideal 3:1 ratio of omega 3 and 6 fatty acids for the skin. These fatty acids of hemp are similar to the natural fats (lipids) of our skin and can therefore penetrate particularly deeply into the skin layers, thus providing a gentle, soothing care effect. This is why CBD cosmetics are also ideally suited for people with dry or sensitive skin, and even brittle, weak hair can benefit, e.g. in the form of CBD hair oil.

The unique skin care effect of CBD cosmetics can be further enhanced by adding hemp seed oil. The precious, cold-pressed oil of hemp seeds contains nutrients and minerals similar to CBD in high concentration, as both come from the same plant. Hemp seed oil offers natural UV protection and contains all essential amino acids which are important for healthy nails, skin and hair. Hemp seed oil is also rich in:

  • Vitamin A, E3, B1, B3, B5, B9

  • Zinc

  • Chlorophyll

  • Copper

  • Iron

  • Magnesium

  • Phospholipids

  • Phytosterols

  • Potassium

  • Sulphur

All these vitamins and minerals mentioned are valuable beauty boosters in cosmetics, as they contribute to the optimal function of the skin - in a completely natural way and without food supplements or pills. So far, there are no other plant or chemical sources that can compete with the hemp plant in terms of nutrients. For this reason, we use hemp oil not only in our premium CBD wellness line, but also as the basis of our hemp cosmetics for face and body. With hemp products from HERBLIZ, your skin will be perfectly and lastingly moisturised for - from head to toe.

Possible Applications of CBD Cosmetics

  • Prevention of premature skin ageing

  • Rich moisturising care

  • Elasticity and resilience for dry skin

  • Regeneration of stressed skin

  • Combating impurities

  • Strengthening the skin barrier for more resistant skin

  • Cooling effect after workout

Natural & Sustainable: Skin Care with Hemp

Hemp-based body care products are made from one of the most sustainable plants. Instead of relying on fossil fuels such as petroleum or mineral oil (e.g. silicones, paraffins or petrolatum in vaseline), as most of the usual cosmetics manufacturers do, we at HERBLIZ use only natural ingredients. While petroleum products are not biodegradable, hemp is a purely natural product, which we obtain for further processing in our Berlin factory from certified European organic agriculture.

It is interesting to know that commercial hemp is surprisingly efficient and relatively easy to grow. For example, 1 kilogram of hemp requires only about 2000 litres of water, while 1 kilogram of cotton uses about 20,000 to 30,000 litres. By comparison, more than 12,500 litres of water are needed to produce one kilogram of meat, and avocados consume around 625 litres per kilo. We think that many more companies should focus on the sustainable cultivation of hemp.

Relaxation & Balance with Natural CBD Wellness Products

Given the versatile application possibilities of CBD, it is hardly surprising that the choice of CBD cosmetics is correspondingly large. Nevertheless, care should be taken when selecting products, as many manufacturers promise high amounts of CBD in their body care and bath products and equate this with a particularly intensive effect. But what really matters with CBD products is the quality of CBD and the combination with other natural active ingredients. The higher the quality and purity of the CBD, the stronger its effect can be expected in cosmetic products.

Our HERBLIZ CBD cosmetics consist of 100% natural ingredients. We develop our body care products not only with gently extracted CBD from GMP-certified farming, but also use popular "healing plants" such as lavender, ylang-ylang, eucalyptus, mint or lemongrass. In this way we achieve the maximum relaxing effect of our body and massage oils, bath salts, hair oils and bath bombs.

CBD Bath Bombs

Of course, you could also simply add a few drops of CBD oil to your bathtub, but why do without the skin caring effect and the heavenly scent of our HERBLIZ CBD bath bombs? In Canada and the USA, the so-called "weed bath" has long been a trending topic. In those countries, the bath additives are not only available with CBD but also with THC, but the relaxing effect is about the same. The HERBLIZ CBD bath bombs are produced in our Berlin factory and each contain 150 mg cannabidiol. They consist of purely vegetable ingredients such as citric acid, sea salt, essential oils, avocado oil, hemp seed oil, grape seed oil and coconut oil. Packed with high-quality oils, the HERBLIZ bath bomb provides a unique skin care experience. Many of our customers rave about how velvety soft their skin feels after a bath with our bombs, so that for some users even the subsequent body lotion becomes superfluous. Because CBD is extracted from useful hemp and does not make you "high", a psychoactive effect is not to be feared even with CBD bath balls. You simply feel deeply relaxed like after a power nap, without any undesirable side effects.

After a strenuous day, a relaxing bath can do wonders for body and soul. Just lean back in the bathtub, put a HERBLIZ CBD bath ball in warm water and watch the ball slowly dissolve in the colourful bubbles. While you relax, the bath bomb releases its seductive and at the same time soothing fragrance. Mixed with aromatic lemongrass oil, lavender oil, mint or ylang ylang oil, our bath bombs offer you an extraordinary relaxation journey for the senses.150 milligrams of pure CBD additionally contribute to calming and revitalising your whole body. Green, blue, purple or yellow - test yourself through your favourite colours and fragrances and feel the fascinating effect of CBD on your skin.

CBD Bath Salts

If you are a fan of natural bath additives, you should take a closer look at our CBD bath salts. We offer you four different varieties to choose from: Lemongrass, Lavender, Eucalyptus and Rose. Depending on your mood, you can choose between fruity fresh and intense floral aromas. Do you need vitalisation or would you like to do something good for your strained muscles after exercise? Our HERBLIZ Eucalyptus CBD Bath Salt has a vitalising and refreshing effect, while the fruity-fresh "Lemongrass" variety has an additional stimulating effect. The bath salt in the variety "Rose" convinces with skin calming properties and real rose petals and is therefore also perfect for romantic baths for two. The CBD bath salt "Lavender" also contains real lavender blossoms which, with their mild, summery fragrance, are reminiscent of dreamy holidays in French Provence. Lavender has a calming effect on skin and mind and is best used in the evening before going to bed.

Let yourself be enchanted by the natural aromas and bathe in pink rock salt and a mixture of sea salt, almond oil, hemp seed oil, jojoba oil, essential oils and 150 milligrams of pure cannabidiol. Rock salt is rich in essential minerals and is known for its detoxifying, cleansing properties for the skin. The magnesium it contains also helps to relax muscles. Almond oil, hemp seed oil and jojoba oil provide the skin with optimal moisture and soothe dry, rough areas. Delicate care, combined with the relaxing effect of natural active ingredients - this is how CBD cosmetics from HERBLIZ feel.

CBD Massage Oil

After an extensive relaxing bath or a revitalising shower, there is hardly anything better than a massage. Our body and massage oil contains 300 mg CBD per bottle of 100 ml content and thus offers the advantages of a classic CBD sports gel combined with a luxury massage oil in three different aromas.

Do you love the fresh, stimulating scent of bergamot? Our HERBLIZ CBD Massage Oil Bergamot has a vitalising effect and supports the regeneration of the skin with precious almond oil, apricot kernel oil, hemp seed oil, sesame oil, essential bergamot oil and cannabidiol. Let yourself be carried away into the natural realm of the senses and discover well-known medicinal plants in a fusion with modern ingredients. The massage oil is absorbed particularly quickly without losing its caring effect. The essential fatty acids contained in the hemp seed oil ensure that moisture reaches the deepest skin layers and is being locked in. This ensures a long-lasting effect.

If you prefer fruity, fresh scents, you might also want to try the CBD massage oil "Lemongrass". The contained lemongrass oil is known for its stimulating and toning effect, which can help to strengthen the connective tissue. You prefer the scent of rose geraniums? Our CBD massage oil "Rose" contains high-quality essential rose geranium oil and pampers your body with rich hemp seed oil, sesame oil and apricot oil. All our body and massage oils are free of artificial preservatives and contain 100% natural and vegan ingredients.

CBD Hair Oil

The caring effect of CBD is not only limited to our skin, body and mind. Our hair can also benefit from CBD care products. Cannabidiol has an antioxidant effect in hair care products and can thus protect against harmful environmental influences which can lead to premature ageing, cell damage and brittle hair. The calming CBD effect also has an effect on our scalp when we massage it in with CBD hair oil, for example. This stimulates the blood circulation, which in turn promotes hair growth and at the same time can alleviate inflammations on the scalp. Thanks to the gamma-linolenic acid (GLA) contained, even sensitive, dry scalps are ideally moisturised without weighing down the hair. Shampoos and hair conditioners containing CBD or hemp oil are also ideal for all hair and skin types. Thanks to the gentle, antibacterial cleansing, even dandruff can be soothed with CBD and hemp products.

Our Lavender CBD Hair Oil moisturises the hair with a beguiling scent and provides an aromatherapeutic effect for silky, shiny hair all the way to the tips. The HERBLIZ hair oil is particularly suitable as a care treatment before washing the hair. Distribute the oil generously from the roots to the lengths and massage it gently into your scalp with circular movements. Let the CBD hair oil work in as long as possible and then shampoo your hair as usual. Your hair will feel noticeably softer and smoother. For dry or very curly to frizzy hair we recommend additionally using our hair oil as a leave-in treatment or styling product. A tiny amount of the oil is sufficient, which is either distributed throughout the entire dry hair or only in the tips. This creates an irresistible shine and your hair smells like a summer lavender field all day long.

Buy High-Quality CBD Cosmetics at HERBLIZ

We at HERBLIZ have made it our business to develop CBD cosmetics of the highest quality from the best plant ingredients. We want to pamper our customers and give them back a bit of relaxation and balance in their hectic everyday life. All our products are laboratory-tested, made from 100% natural ingredients and are cruelty-free (we consistently reject animal testing). In our ISO-certified Berlin factory, we also produce using sustainable, environmentally friendly manufacturing processes and always keep a close eye on the CO2 balance. You can find more information about our quality guarantee and certificates here.

In our HERBLIZ concept stores you can try, smell and feel a variety of our CBD care products free of charge. We will be happy to help you find your new CBD wellness favourites. Besides high-quality CBD cosmetics you can also discover CBD oils, vaporizer pens, vape oils and organic hemp cosmetics. You can currently find us twice each in Berlin and Hamburg. We also organise regular yoga and meditation sessions and art exhibitions there. You don't have a HERBLIZ shop near you? In our HERBLIZ online shop you will find a selection of high-quality CBD care products including application tips, information about the ingredients contained as well as analysis certificates for download. Open yourself to the world of relaxing natural products and say goodbye to artificial ingredients - for your own wellbeing and for the wellbeing of the environment.

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