International Cannabis Business Conference International Cannabis Business Conference
CBD News & Health | 30.03.2022

Cannabis business is booming.

Scientists are busy at work trying to figure out how using cannabis products can change lives, especially for those battling severe illnesses. 

  • Cannabis Business Conferences are becoming ever more popular in Europe
  • ICBC is coming to Berlin on the 19th and 20th of July
  • ICBC is one of many successful Business Cannabis Conferences 
  • As legalisation moves forward, we can expect many more events to take place across Europe

While cannabis research is still in its early stages, more and more governments are willing to experiment and allow access to medical cannabis. On top of that, certain countries in Europe are in the process of legalising the purchase of cannabis for personal use or allowing its residents to grow and use the plant at home.

Together with these changes comes businesses. Companies will be needed to grow hemp and marijuana, to extract and process it, package it, and of course, finally distribute and sell it. On top of that, we have various ancillary businesses related to the cannabis boom, such as specialised lawyers, quality assurance facilities, consultants, marketing agencies and much more. 

Like in any other field, businesses that work with cannabis need the best business practices to stay in the market. They need to follow trends, network and innovate. And where’s a better place to start than at an international cannabis business conference?

Are there any cannabis business conferences in Berlin?

Most cannabis business conferences take place in the US and Canada, as these two countries are the leaders in running profitable cannabis businesses.

Fortunately, you do not need to fly over the Atlantic to join a cannabis conference, as more and more are starting to pop up in Europe. 

The ICBC (International Cannabis Business Conference) is one of the first European Cannabis Business Conferences that focus on creating B2B events explicitly designed for the cannabis industry. 

Held in Berlin, Zurich and Barcelona, ICBC is attended by international cannabis entrepreneurs, executives and policymakers. Speakers invited for the event often represent many different aspects of the cannabis industry and shed light on various roles that are now necessary for cannabis businesses to grow. From CEOs and founders to cannabis advocates and freelancers, it is hard to find professions that are not represented. 

Who attends Cannabis Business Conferences?

While each cannabis business conference might have a slightly different crowd of attendees, the one common factor is that all people present at the event are already working with cannabis or planning to add a cannabis product to their portfolio.

Most Cannabis Conferences, such as the one taking place in Berlin on the 19th and 20th of July, will also have a space in the venue dedicated to various exhibitors and sponsors who can showcase their products and services to all attendees. For this reason, such events are a great place to find new clients as well as new suppliers. 

Cannabis Business Conferences are paid events. 

It is common for tickets for the same event to have different prices depending on the extent to which the participant wants to be involved. For example, those only interested in accessing the trade show can usually do so at a lower price than participants who wish to have access to all the VIP networking events. 

Some conferences might also have rules on who can attend, such as a minimum revenue or a business activity within a specific sector of the cannabis industry. ICBC in Berlin is free of such restrictions for attendees but has some rules as to who can be allowed to become an exhibitor. You can learn more about the process by requesting information on their website.

Will there be more cannabis business events in the future?

There is no doubt that together with the cannabis industry growing, so will the need for more cannabis business events.

Countries that are much further on their legalisation journey seem to have these events in abundance, and many of them do not struggle to fill up the seats. 

As the number of businesses in this space grows, we can expect to see more and more niche cannabis business events. For example, there might be different European conferences for hemp growers, CBD cosmetic producers and cannabis lawyers. But until that happens, European cannabis business conferences are the place to be.

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