Hemp Face Care

Hemp Oil - Natural Skin Care for your face

Natural cosmetics and care products with hemp oil were living in the shadow of conventional cosmetic products for far too long. Hemp is one of the most versatile plants known to us.

New Garden Lab has changed this significantly since its foundation in 2019 and we are developing much more than just hemp cream. We create CBD and hemp oil products which consist of 100% pure natural ingredients.

We let nothing but the power of nature touch your skin. This also applies to our hemp oil facial care range.

With our house brand HERBLIZ, the know-how of the Californian cannabis market and our own manufacture in Berlin, we set new standards in the field of organic hemp products. HERBLIZ stands for 100% natural hemp oil products - in all areas.

Our organic hemp oil facial care is completely free of pesticides, herbicides and artificial fertilizers.

With our unique organic hemp oil facial care products, you give your skin everything it needs and still let it breathe thanks to the exceptionally light texture of the products. In our range you will find everything for your daily beauty routine - infused with hemp oil for healthy skin on your face.

Hemp oil face care by HERBLIZ

Hemp oil is known for its many skin-caring properties. The light texture of hemp oil is particularly suitable for the sensitive skin on the face, so that it is ideally nourished during all steps of skin care.

Facial Skin Care with HERBLIZ Hemp Oil Products

After cleansing, the sensitive facial skin is optimally prepared for the subsequent care. All products have a very light consistency and do not weigh down the skin unnecessarily. This makes our HERBLIZ hemp oil face care suitable for all skin types.

If you want to give your skin a healthy and radiant glow after cleansing, use our HERBLIZ Glowing Toner. Enriched with hemp oil, dog rose oil and aloe vera, the toner already achieves its effects after the first application. The toner is quickly absorbed, provides a healthy radiance and protects the sensitive skin of the face. Direct application after facial cleansing helps to balance out the pH levels of the skin.

Beauty Routine with HERBLIZ Hemp Oil Products

Our high-quality hemp oil cosmetic range offers you a wide selection of beauty products to choose from.

With our HERBLIZ Nourishing Night Cream your skin is literally supplied with rich nutrients overnight. A combination of hemp oil, jojoba oil, rich shea butter and olive oil protects the facial skin from drying out and leaves an even complexion.

To keep the facial skin moisturised with hemp oil also during the day, our online shop offers the HERBLIZ Hydrating Day Cream. The composition of the ingredients supports the skin to maintain its optimal water balance and provides the face with ideal moisture all day long.

Do you already know our stores in Berlin? Here you can try out our products and browse through the entire range.

HERBLIZ has developed a specially formulated eye cream for the particularly sensitive eye area. The HERBLIZ eye cream provides the area around the eyes with a moisture booster. 

HERBLIZ Hemp oil face care products are also used as anti-aging tools, due to their antioxidant properties. The HERBLIZ Eye Lifting Serum and the HERBLIZ Face Serum are recommended especially for this purpose. Both products contain hemp oil in a high concentration to combat first signs of skin-aging.

Our certified organic quality

Like all products of our own brand HERBLIZ, our face care products are made from natural ingredients. In the production of our cosmetics we use 100% natural ingredients, free from synthetic additives, pesticides or herbicides.

For us it is a matter of course that we completely refrain from animal testing. We also rely on a sustainable and environmentally-friendly manufacturing process for all our products.

For our products we use exclusively raw materials from GMP-certified farming. All HERBLIZ products are manufactured in accordance with strict EU guidelines and undergo regular testing by independent laboratories. Through these complex processes, we can guarantee a permanent high quality of our HERBLIZ products.

Our popular HERBLIZ hemp cosmetic line has been certified with the ECOCERT seal of approval, one of the world's largest certifiers of organic beauty natural products.

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