CBD podcast by Global Widget to win the Podcast of the Year Award CBD podcast by Global Widget to win the Podcast of the Year Award
CBD News & Health | 10.05.2022

A CBD podcast wins The Podcast of the Year Award

How do you look for reliable information on CBD in a world full of fake news and constant misinformation? How about you look with Joe Agostinelli from The CPG & CBD University Podcast?

In short:
  • The CPG & CBD University Podcast won the Podcast of the Year Award
  • The podcast is run and hosted by Joe Agostinelli, PR Manager at Global Widget
  • Global Widget is known for their famous Hemp Bombs CBD brand

The podcast released its first episode in November 2019. The show's main goal is to "educate consumers, retailers and distributors on everything [related to] CBD, health and wellness," said Joe Agostinelli, who is the podcast host and the PR Manager at Global Widget.

These efforts have been greatly appreciated. As a result, The CPG & CBG University Podcast has won the PR Daily's 2021 Digital Marketing & Social Media Award for The Podcast of the Year.

The Award-Winning Podcast

The CBD industry, which has exploded in recent years, has done so without proper regulations.

Consumers are often left to their own devices when deciding which products to buy and which brands or companies to trust.

Global Widget, which manufactures and distributes a well known CBD product called Hemp Bombs, knows this all too well. As a company that sells its products directly to consumers and collaborates with other brands through their white labelling services, Global Widget has the unique position of understanding all the different aspects of operating a CBD-focused business. Global widget’s The CPG & CBG University Podcast shares this unique perspective with its listeners and gives new insights on every episode.

The guests of The CPG & CBG University Podcast

The CBD industry might be relatively young, but it's expanding at an incredible rate. The speed at which the industry is growing makes it very hard for any given person to know everything at once. That is why Joe Agostinelli invites different experts to join him on his show to help him, and his listeners, understand CBD and the complexities of running a CBD-focused business.

By Inviting a diverse group of guests, ranging from Nikki Fried (the State of Florida Commissioner of Agriculture and Consumer Services) to Michael Patterson (CEO, U.S. Cannabis Pharmaceutical and Research or Greer Deal), Joe Agostinelli is able to explore any CBD topic of interest.

The interviews are available on all major streaming platforms, such as Spotify, Deezer and Apple Podcasts, and are also available in a video format on Global Widget's Youtube channel.

That's one small step for a podcast, one giant leap for the industry.

Winning The Podcast of the Year award is about much more than just a title.

Instead, it is yet another confirmation that the CBD industry is serious and is here to stay.

The level of people's interest in the topic and the need for reliable sources of knowledge is so great that the number of high-quality cannabis podcasts is expected to keep growing.

With scientists working hard to discover the full potential of various cannabinoids, people working directly with hemp have practical knowledge that is hard to get.

Considering how new the CBD industry is and how little we know about it, hearing from experts is one of the best learning opportunities we can hope for.

What about European Podcasts?

While most CBD and cannabis-related podcasts come from the U.S. and Canada, Europe is slowly catching up, even though the CBD industry in Europe is younger than in America and Canada. On top of that, the European legal system is quite complicated and differs greatly from that of countries where cannabis has been legalised.

For those of you in Europe searching for high-quality sources of information about CBD, hemp, and cannabis in Europe, The Cannabis Conversation with Anuj Desai, and Smells Like Business with Tom Pettit are both excellent places to start.


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