The CBD wellness industry is growing The CBD wellness industry is growing
CBD News & Health | 13.09.2022

The CBD wellness sector is growing - with no end in sight

More and more CBD products are appearing in popular shops, expanding their reach to customers. Holland & Barrett, 7-Eleven, and K.K. Lawson are just a few examples of places where, soon enough, one will be able to purchase a wide selection of CBD products.

CBD supplements that have primarily been available online are now moving into the real world and popping up on store shelves across various countries. So what does it all mean for the CBD wellness sector and the consumers?

The News summarized:
  • CBD products are becoming more and more popular worldwide.
  • Various countries are investing in clinical research to learn more about CBD’s properties.
  • More and more chain stores are considering selling CBD products.

CBD research

The number of clinical research on CBD is limited. Fortunately, this might soon change. Many companies who see the potential of CBD have started investing in running studies to learn more about this fascinating cannabinoid.

An Australian firm has started a study using CBD on humans - something many health authorities have been asking for. And they are not the only ones doing it.

Medical companies getting on board

Another interesting trend that can be noticed across the globe is that more and more medical companies are getting involved in producing high-quality CBD.

CBD has, for a long time, been left to lifestyle brands, with medical corporations focusing their attention on medical cannabis products. However, we are slowly starting to see this change. As more and more patients suffering from various conditions are opening up to exploring alternative solutions to managing their symptoms and pain, the need for medical CBD products is increasing.

How will this change the CBD market?

These changes within the CBD market are a positive development.

For example, the availability of more products in regular shops will expose more people to CBD.

The presence of medical corporations on the market may also help regulate the industry and increase the safety of users. With many brands not meeting industry standards, the increased interest from large companies is very welcome by both CBD users and companies like HERBLIZ.

We are eagerly awaiting a world where all CBD products for you to choose from are as rigorously tested and carefully produced as ours. Hopefully, all of these developments will help us achieve this goal.


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